2019 Ford F-250 - $10,500 (Springdale)

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2019 ford f-250
fuel: gas
odometer: 96947
title status: salvage
transmission: automatic
This truck looks and runs good, engine and transmission shifts and pulls strong, Tires plus spare all nearly new, 17-18/32 Michelin ATX, It rides nice and tracks straight on interstate, brakes firm and straight, all lights and horn works, windows and doors open close like new, no abs/airbag light, This has the larger 3" ( not 2") receiver hitch and the two trailer plugs from factory. We bought the truck a couple months ago from a gentleman who repaired it from a wreck. We have discovered after purchase he did not repair it all the way.

We have priced it accordingly to account for the repairs. No lien, the buyer will get the rebuilt/salvage title we have that is unassigned. We have a bill of sale to us, and will provide a bill of sale to you and the unassigned title.

Here’s the list of things not quite right with it.

- We can’t figure out how to make the radio turn on. The backup camera screen comes on and shows in reverse, and all the menus for clock, display, and camera settings work, but no media options and no audio options.

- There is a fairly slow drip from the transmission cooler line that is located near the driver's bumper mount, it was not repaired correctly from the wreck.

- The front tow hook on the drivers side is pushed back about an inch, because that bumper mount was not not bent back properly after the wreck.

- on the 6.2 engine, The crankshaft sensor is throwing a code light, comes back after reset, so the crank sensor, the crank pulley may be out of round, or possibly the crank itself may be out of alignment with the sensor or pulley. There is, more so when it is warm, maybe just a slight vibration at idle, it idles and runs way smoother at idle than my other 14 trucks, but they are older. But this and the back quarter body damage would be the most expensive deductions from purchasing a problem free truck.

- there is a catalyst code, it seems to be related to crankshaft sensor, a mechanic friend says that the above crankshaft sensor may communicate somehow to the computer for fuel/air mix, and that richer fuel is throwing the catalyst sensor, and it might be the warm engine vs cold engine slight idle issue. it comes back but later after you clear the crankshaft code.

-the back quarter panels show a 4x4 sticker. these were from a 4x4 that the guy that previously fixed it used. it is not a 4x4. also, along the same lines, the front driver's fender has badges from a lariat, this is an XL.

- there is a crease through the rear quarter panel behind the wheel well, shown in pictures, and the back right side of bumper is bent and missing cover, there's a cut in bottom of back bumper, there are several dings in the tailgate. included several pictures.

-AC works for the most part.

This is as is with no warranty, no bank or cashiers checks, cash only and you get the title and bill of sale at pickup.

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