Goats - Bucklings - $200 (West of Centerton, AR)

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Kiko/Spanish/Boer bucklings.

With the last 4 bucks being Kiko, Kiko, Kiko/Spanish and Spanish , these are mostly Kiko/Spanish with little Boer influences.

With nearly 80 kids born on our farm this April, about half of them boys, we believe we have your next herd sire. Colored, white, brown, black, with wattles or without, born single or twin or triplet, we have them all. Please don't just go by the color. Last season, a gentleman came about 3 hours away from Central Arkansas to pick up a very colorful buckling and went back with 3 and 2 of them all white - big stocky boys.

We have 20 bucklings available now. They are in the 60-80 lbs range. They are acting foolish, with their faces sprayed and ready for their own herds.

Most are priced $200 with the bigger ones higher. We paid $350 last year for a weaned buckling who is our herd sire #7 (pictured 3rd from the last), so you know this is a good deal.

Also, willing to trade like for like buckling(s) if you run a Kiko/Spanish herd and share our approach to raising goats.

Clean and healthy livestock, all born in Apr 2023 and raised on our farm. All of their dams are born and raised on our farm and the sires come from other local farms who share our goat raising approach - natural with minimal medicine and intervention. Guaranteed - NO antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones. Those that have to be given antibiotics are sent to the auction. On non-medicated feed from a local feed mill along with hay and native pasture grasses during the warm season.

Please read our other ad/posting about our approach to raising goats, especially the Feed, Medicine and Dewormer sections there.

For reference, our 3 herd sires are pictured in the end. The biggest sire, the big white one with horns is also available.

Thank You!


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