Goats - Wethers for Sale - $200 (West of Centerton, AR Area)

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Goats - Wethers for Sale - Kiko/Boer/Spanish mix breed.

We have about 20 wethers for sale. Currently, in the 60 lb. range. Taking orders now for Easter when they are expected be in the 80 lb. range.

We also have bookings for about 10 heads for next year. Though the local USDA processor is 60 miles away, we now waive drop off charge to the local processor for those who buy regularly from us. So, it is NOT too early to book/order for next year.

Soon, we'll have a farm to dinner table program for those who would like to buy our local, natural, antibiotic and steroid free meat. It will be processed in a USDA inspected local facility and available in small 2 to 3 lb retail packaging. Priced much lower than what you'll find at local stores. Please reach out if that might be of interest to you.

Most are at least 75% Kiko with a couple that are 50% Spanish and the rest Kiko. Some have wattles. We keep birth records and can share specifics of each goat and their Dam and Sire who are still on our farm.

Please see our separate Ad for bigger Wethers and Bucks.

Clean and healthy livestock, born and raised on our farm about 10 months old. All of their dams are raised on our farm and the sires come from other local farms who share our goat raising approach - natural with minimal medicine and intervention. Guaranteed - NO antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones. Those that have to be given antibiotics are sent to the auction. On non-medicated feed from a local feed mill along with hay and native pasture grasses during the warm season.

Please read our other ad/posting about our approach to raising goats, especially the Feed, Medicine and Dewormer sections there.

Please let us know if you are looking for one now or some time later for next spring. These are quite popular for special family events and with travel/gatherings restrictions removed, we expect there to be good demand for them, so they will be gone soon. We can hold with a deposit and a contract from now through Easter 2024 and everything in between.

Sorry, we are NOT set up for processing on our farm, but can set you up with neighboring farms or local processors.

An 80 lb. goat typically yields 30 lb. of meat, so you are getting prime cuts of meat at $8/lb. plus processing fee.

To give an idea of the cuts of meat. We recently got a goat processed who was about 120 lb and weighed 78 lb on the hoof. We got 6.5 lb of ribs, 13 lb of chops, 10.5 lb of leg, so about 30 lb of prime cuts. We also got 7.5 lb of ground meat and 5 lb of stew meat and 3.5 lb of miscellaneous cuts for a total of 46 lb of meat. The meat was wrapped in 2/3 lb packages and the processing fee was $85.

Sorry, we are NOT set up for processing on our farm, but we offer 2 options.

1. We can take the goat to a neighboring farm where they humanely process it for you. Since that farm is close by, there is a $20 drop off charge and you'll have to pay processing fee. They charge between $80 to $120 depending on the size of the goat and how you want it processed. We will give you the contact details of that farm and you can work out their availability and other details with them.
2. We can take the goat to a local processor for $30 more. You'll have to pay the processing fee upon pickup. The processing fee runs from $85 to $125 depending upon how you want the meat packaged. USDA inspected meat processing and vacuume sealed meat processing is around $125. We typically have appointments with the processors and can get an appointment in about a week or two if you are in a hurry.

Cash only.

1. Contact hours 10 AM to 8 PM.
2. Texts from local numbers only. Don’t bother with codes. You will be blocked.
3. Calls from all other numbers for first contact. Please leave a message because we can’t answer the phone right away most of the time.



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