Raw or Pasteurized Milk - $7 (Osage, AR)

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Raw or Pasteurized Milk A2/A2.......$7. Gal

We have installed a 20 gallon Pasteurizer. Our commitment to safe, raw milk production is ongoing. We monitor all our cows hourly and take the milking cow's temperature 2X daily. ALL customers who want to enjoy the flavor of full-fat Farm Milk can now have the 100% safety of having it pasteurized.
We will offer this on a continuing basis. We are concerned enough to be pasteurizing all of our own personal milk until the Avian Flu is resolved. We have detected no change in flavor or condition. We make cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, keifer, and whipped cream daily.

We will continue to offer Raw Milk to all who want it.

We ONLY exchange jars. Either 2 quart Canning Jars or Gallon jars with a GOOD lid. We exchange your jars for our jars full of milk.

The milk is put in sterile jars and in the walk-in at 34 degrees, within 10 minutes of milking. The jars are sterilized in Bosch Dishwashers. Our steady customers come every 2 weeks. If you properly care for the milk, it will last 2 weeks in the fridge. YOU MUST HAVE A COOLER AND ICE or COLD PACKS TO HAUL THE MILK.

A2/A2..... Jersey, Guernsey, Gelbvieh ...... you get the milk from ONE cow, not a mix of several. We feed lots of Alfalfa hay and the milk shows it. You can taste the difference. Call if you would like to purchase 5 gal of whole milk or 5 gal of skim milk for butter or cheese making. We can accommodate pouring 5 gal into your CLEAN bucket with a lid.

Limited heavy cream available......$10. / qt.

Call to schedule. This is all done by appointment, and we are all vaccinated, and masked if we interact.

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