Emu Chicks - $230 (FAYETTEVILLE)

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Standard emus hatching regularly through late April. Please text for what is available, we will have fertile emu eggs ($75) and emu chicks. We also have whole empty emu egg shells available for sale.

Emus are a lot of fun, and require a lot of work. Last picture is a grown emu, others are baby emu chicks.

These are straight run, though we give you the shells to send to a lab if you want genetic testing for gender.

They will need heat for 2-3 months and plenty of room to run right from the start on matting or carpet or a surface they won't slip. As they grow, they will need a bigger and bigger pen. They grow to be 6' tall. They will need a 5 or 6' high fenced pasture as they get to be adults, which takes 8-12 months. They will need at least an acre or more to run.

We also recommend getting a liquid B vitamin and liquid selenium to add to their water every time you refill it. They eat either ratite food or chicken starter food. They also need fresh veggies cut up into tiny pieces throughout the day. Many people feed kale or similar. Also, consider some weeds from your garden.

We have 3 unrelated sets of adults who have created our emu babies.

We suggest you join up on some facebook groups for emus to learn more about their care and upkeep. We have gotten very picky about who we will sell these to because of the amount of work they require and we want to see them succeed at their new home. Please make sure you are willing to do everything.

Pick up by appointment only. Thanks for supporting our local, family farm. All birds are hatched here and all eggs are laid here by healthy, free range birds that eat non-GMO feeds.

Email or text us. We will get back to you promptly.
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