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Bee Locations in West Fork, Springdale, and Lowell.
Full hive sales $400-500
Want to get into having your own bees, but don’t want to have to buy all the different equipment, wait until spring to buy a nuc, and then not harvest honey for another two years? Skip the wait and purchase a full hive that has 2 deep boxes full of frames, bees, honey, and a laying queen. The hive is already big and producing honey, ready for you to harvest in the summer or fall. A double deep hive includes: 40,000-60,000 bees, laying queen, a base/landing board, 2 Langstroth brood boxes, an entrance reducer, 18-20 frames of wax, eggs, larva, brood, honey, pollen, and a lid. Price is $400-500 for pick up, depending on boxes selected and style of cover. Delivery and installation can be arranged, price depends upon location.
Hive Rental- Price Varies
Want honey bees to pollinate your plants and create local honey from your own yard, but don’t want to spend tons of money and time buying all the equipment and learning how to keep your hive healthy? Contact Butterfield Bees and we will set up hives at your location and guarantee you pollination and local honey. Price depends upon location.
Honey $15
Local honey comes back into stock the first week of July; honey is local from bees in Lowell, Springdale, and West Fork. Honey sorted by location and season. Honey with honeycomb in it will also be available this year.
Nuc Sales $200
Spring Nucs will be available April and May of 2025. These are brand new mated queens that come in a 5 frame plastic box. The new queen will be guaranteed to be laying eggs and the hive will be ready to be transferred into a full size box. You get to take home the plastic box as well and use it as a swarm trap or to make your own nucs. The boxes come with the frames and queen and make transport easy for any level of experience. Nucs are $200 each, delivery and installation into your hives can be arranged, price depends upon location.
Frame of eggs $35
Already a beekeeper but you lost your queen or the hive needs a boost? Deep/Brood frames full of eggs from one of our hives will allow your hive to make a new queen if needed or boost their numbers with 3,000-4,000 new bees. If you are not sure if you need a queen or not, the bees know and will make a queen out of these if necessary, otherwise they will simply boost your bee numbers and give you peace of mind. Frames of eggs are $35
Hive inspection $25
Not sure what is going on with your hive? We’re happy to come out and take a look, price dependent upon location, starting at $25.

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