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How's it going everyone? First off, let me express my appreciation for taking the time to open this and give it your attention; I'm sure it might just be you're killing time or what have you, but just know I appreciate it. So I sat here trying to think of what to call this "Rant & Rave" and after deliberation, I went along with this; but it goes in hand with what I'd wanted to discuss here. So are you ready?! Then here we go!

The topic today is: PANHANDLERS! Now when I see these people saturating intersections, off-ramps, and any place that they can "legally" sit or stand, I'm reminded of the signs one sees that reads DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS whether it's at the zoo or in the woods; You know what I'm talking about right folks? Now I've lived in Northwest Arkansas for just slightly over 1/2 a decade and from some of the places I've lived, people in general think with anything else but their head!

Now I myself have in fact been homeless and by that, I do mean not having a pot to piss in. In fact the first time I ever had to step foot into a shelter was when I was 18 in Chicago, IL. For three years in the heat & humidity along with the - 0 F° winter conditions, I'd slept in places you couldn't imagine possible and yet I worked my ass off to rise above it.

I never once sought help after seeing then just as I do now that people will give to those who choose to do nothing; whilst those who are doing something find themselves doing everything they can while being told they cannot or rather won't get help. There's a girl (April Somers of Rogers, AR) who post on her Facebook and publicly to might I add about how people who don't give her their hard earned money are goddamned and going to hell! She twist scriptures from the Holy Bible and is a primary example of a hippochristian, but back to what I was saying!

What in the world ever happened to people working for a living? Why in the world are people here in Northwest Arkansas condoning this behavior by "feeding the animals"?! Even when I was truly homeless, I never once asked for a handout and in the few times someone tried to offer it to me, I would refuse it! I'll be damned, I worked for every penny I was making no matter what needed to be done so long as it was ethical, legal and moral. Even recently, I watched as an 80 year old man stood out holding a sign and yet was driving a much nicer ride than many of us have in our possession.

I learned recently that it had been declared that these peoples behavior is protected by THE 1ST AMMENDMENT of The Constitution of The United States of America, so there's nothing to be done; I'm sure those who died on D-Day and countless others who given their lives fought to defend the lazy huh? I find it disgusting, but I do feel that if this is the case that these bastards be licensed and registered as to report taxable income. I've a feeling that would help deter all of this behavior. Why panhandle if you must pay taxes right?!

Anyway, let's remember that we need to take care of those who work and contribute to society as opposed to rewarding bad behavior out here. Believe me, these panhandlers laugh and boast about how stupid you folks really are as they communicate amongst one another. Ignore them and they will disappear faster than a fart in the wind!

Thanks everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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