Looking for a home

My name Atom. I'm a 33yo single straight male in need of a place to live. I'm currently without a home & most importantly of all a home address. I do not have a job. I have no one to call. I'm praying to God that there is a place for Me in this world.
I'm trying to find employment. It's difficult because I'm physically limited. Between multiple serious injuries as well as internal issues, I'm seen as a liability. So no luck so far.
I do have an extremely sweet, well behaved, quiet, small dog. She's a rescue that came to Me & We cannot part ways. As They say, love is stupid.
My skills are of a wide range from handyman work to landscaping to gardening to mechanic work. Having Me around could save thousands of dollars.
My 1st & 2nd amendment are non negotiable. This is America. Not a dystopian, authoritarian nightmare. I'm not fighting no one either so gotta protect myself somehow.
Last time I drank alcohol was thanksgiving of 2022. It's not for Me. Hard drugs are absolutely not for Me. I consume cannabis for medical uses instead of giving profits to big pharma for meds I need that are mostly poison.
All I need is somewhere safe to park & a cool place to keep the dog so I can fond a job & get back on My feet. I could really care less where, although I'd prefer the country. In fact I'd be happy in the back corner of a cornfield. Hopefully in exchange of maintenance or yard work or whatever We negotiate. My cell is f0ur s3ven nine 257 O76I Appreciate anything! God bless

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