Woman and Dog need immediate legitimate place (Anywhere)

Hi, I’m Deb. I don’t have any friends, or family for that matter. The reason I have neither is because everyone I have known—EVERYONE—has betrayed me at some point. I’m not bitter, but I am cautious. I was once very sociable but I had to learn to protect myself.

Correction. I do have one friend. My best friend, Arlo, a 70 pound Catahoula who I have had since he was three weeks old. I love him more than life and he is what has kept me alive.

Arlo and I became homeless after my ex financially ruined me and I lost everything. We have no car and no home. We have been relying on strangers for survival. It has been incredibly hard and we are both so tired. I have tried all I know to do to pull us back up, but nothing has happened.

You see, I have cerebral atrophy, which leads to dementia. So far I have outlived the prognosis, for better or worse. The stress is what will ultimately kill me because it kills brain cells, and well…I don’t have any reserve brain cells left. So it affects my live ones until they are gone and I die.

I have filed for SSD but there is no telling when that will come in. I have no choice but to get a job and I have been trying for nearly 4 years now. The job market has changed and I guess I’m too old. Out of hundreds of resumes sent and applications completed, I have only been able to get four interviews scheduled. Only two took place. I got hired by them both but when it was time to work, there was some reason I couldn’t. It is bizarre.

All that to say, Arlo and I need a quiet and safe place to stay urgently. If you live alone or know someone who does and you wouldn’t mind some pleasant company who can cook and clean and pay their own way, I would so appreciate it.

My priority has been to get a vehicle but that has proven impossible as well. I keep trying, but I don’t know how much more I can handle.

All of the people who have let me stay with them, have been men who claim they aren’t like all the rest, but they eventually show me they are. Why should I have to give up my dignity, especially after surviving this long, just because he lacks integrity, a moral compass, and self-control? If I hold up to my end of the bargain, wouldn’t anyone expect them to as well?

This pains me so badly to ask: is there one decent, kind and honest person who can help us out? Or do you know anyone who can? I hate to beg, but I am. Please, anyone.

And in case you are going to suggest a homeless shelter, don’t they are at capacity and I cannot part with my dog. I will however settle for an outbuilding or garage. If you have a vacant home, I would be happy to work on it, keep it clean, and safe until you get ready to do something else with it.

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