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Looking for 1982-1987 GI Joe figures and vehicles.

Have some old toys taking up space in the closet?
Let me know what you have. The more the merrier.

This is what I am looking for


1982 series
Breaker, Cobra Officer, Cobra Commander, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Hawk, Rock 'n Roll, Scarlett, Short-Fuze, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Steeler, Zap

1983 series
Ace, Airborne, Cover Girl, Destro, Doc, Gung Ho, HISS Driver, Major Bludd, Snowjob, Torpedo, Tripwire, Viper pilot, Wild Bill

1984 series
Baroness, Blowtorch, Cobra Commander Hooded, Cobra Stinger Driver, Copper Head, Cutter, Deep Six, Duke, Firelfy, Mutt, Recondo, Ripcord, Roadblock, Scrap Iron, Spirit, Storm Shadow, Thunder, Wild Weasel, Zartan

1985 series
Airtight, Alpine, Barbeque, Bazooka, Buzzer, Crankcase, Crimson Guard, Dusty, EEL, Flint, Footloose, Frostbite, Heavy Metal, Keel Haul, Lady J, Lamprey, Quick Kick, Ripper, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Snow Serpent, Televiper, Tomax, Toolbooth, Torch, Xamot

1986 series
A.V.A.C, B.A.T.s, Beach head, Cross Country, Dialtone, Dr. Mindbender, Hawk, Iceberg, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Lift Ticket, Low Light, Mainframe, Monkeywrench, Roadblock, Sci Fi, Serpentor, SGT. Slaughter, Slipstream, Strato Viper, Thrasher, Vipers, Wetsuit, Zandar, Zaranna

1987 series
Chuckles, Cobra Commander (armor) Crazy Legs, Croc Master, Crystal Ball, Falcon, Fast Draw, Jinx, Law, Outback, Raptor, Sneek Peak, Tunnel Rat


FLAK, HAL, JUMP, Missle Command HQ, MMS, MOMBAT, RAM, VAMP, Official collectors carry case

APC, Fang, HISS, Dragonfly, Falcon, flame thowwer pac/rat, Headquarters, machine gun pac/rat, missle launcher pac/rat, battle bear, S.N.A.K.E., Skystriker, Twin battle gun, Viper, Wolverine

Chameleon, Cobra A.S.P., Cobra C.L.A.W, Rattler, Water Moccasin, Killer Whale, S.H.A.R.C., Sky Hawk, Slugger, Stinger, Vamp Mark II, Vamp and Hal Set, Bivouac, Mountain Howitzer, Watch Tower, MANTA, Machine Gun Defense Unit, Missile Defense Unit, Mortar Defense Unit,

Awe Striker, Armadillo, Bridge Layer, Ferret ATV, Mauler, Moray, Silver Mirage, Snow Cat, Tacticle Battle Platform, USS Flagg, Bomb Disposal, Cobra Flight Pod, Cobra Night Landing, S.N.A.K.E., Weapon Transport, Sears C.A.T, Sears S.M.S., Air Defense Station, Checkpoint, Cobra Bunker, Ammo Dump Unit, Forward Observer unit, Rifle Range Unit

Serpentor Air Chariot, Night Raven, Cobra Stun, Cobra Terror Drome, Devil Fish, Fire Bat, H.A.V.O.C., L.C.V recon sled, Tomahawk, Triple T, Dreadnok Air Assault, Dreadnok Ground Assault, Dreadnok Swampfire, Dreadnok Thunder Machine, Cobra Survelliance Port, LAW, Outpost Defender

Costal Defender, Cobra Jet Pack, Defiant Space Station, Mobile Command Center, S.L.A.M
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